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OpenRefineEngine.NET is a Class Library that could perform operations exported by OpenRefine (aka Google Refine) as JSON operations.

var refineEngine = new OpenRefineEngine.Engine("operations.json.js");
refineEngine.ApplyOperations("example value", "Column 3");

That will perform al the operations in column "Column 3" in operations.json.js file to "example value" (you must iterate to all wanted values/cells you had)

It will perform some GREL (Google Refine Expression Language) transformations too!

The code is not actually optimized (neither project aims to be), for an optimized engine you should use OpenEngine instead, this project aims to help in projects that need to perform the same previously "learnt" operations in OpenEngine but in a .NET project enviroment (without using OpenEngine API's).

The code works well but features and GREL are very basic yet, anyway it is VERY simple to add new functionality to the OpenEngine or GREL Engine, feel free to make a Fork and send pull request's.

Feedback are welcome, if this program was useful to you or you want to request a new feature you could comment or add an item in the Issue Tracker.

Compiled in .NET Framework 4.0, requires Linq and Json.NET (aka Newtonsoft.Json)

Im not related in any form to Google, Google Refine, OpenRefine, and Google has registered its own commercial marks, patents and licences.

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